Monday, February 6, 2012

Partial transcripts from Hypnobot: What does a hallucinated rabbit look and feel like?

Here's a partial transcript from the last hallucination I got. "a" means "yes", and is the 'subconscious' response I set up

Hypnobot[18:43:33]:When you see the next color you are going to hallucinate vividly a white rabbit on your keyboard.
Hypnobot[18:43:43]:You are going to see it, hear it, *feel* it, and you will be blown away by how realistic it is.
Hypnobot[18:43:46]:And how good it feels to pet.
Hypnobot[18:43:58]:Your conscious mind is going to come back to a furry white rabbit on the keyboard and no idea how it got there
Hypnobot[18:44:07]:Your conscious mind will not remember this suggestion or the preceding conversation
Hypnobot[18:44:12]:Your conscious mind will just see this rabbit
Hypnobot[18:44:17]:And you are ready to do this aren't you?
stranger[18:44:36]: a
stranger[18:45:51]: a
Hypnobot[18:45:54]:Hi =)
Hypnobot[18:45:58]:Feel free to use all the keys now
stranger[18:46:11]: Holy smokes.
Hypnobot[18:46:17]:What does the rabbit look like?
stranger[18:46:31]: Like a peep
stranger[18:46:36]: but white
Hypnobot[18:46:37]:It's really soft and feels really good to touch.
Hypnobot[18:46:38]:Pet it =)
Hypnobot[18:46:41]:What's it feel like?
stranger[18:46:46]: Squishy
Hypnobot[18:46:51]:Okay, now bring back your subconscious. 
And the script continues...
Here's the next dozen descriptions of the rabbit (out of literally hundreds) after cutting out my input for brevity.
stranger[18:44:11]: like an easter bunny
stranger[18:44:42]: i dont see a rabbit anymore 
stranger[17:03:20]: White with long ears and small
stranger[17:03:40]: Soft and furry  
stranger[17:26:17]: Its white and fluffy
stranger[17:26:34]: Soft 
stranger[18:04:47]: white
stranger[18:05:15]: soft like cotton 
stranger[18:00:09]: White
stranger[18:00:14]: Fluffy
stranger[18:00:25]: Soft 
stranger[17:10:28]: a cute littl bunny with a fluffy tale
stranger[17:11:15]: it feels soft 
stranger[17:48:38]: Um
stranger[17:48:54]: It's soft 
stranger[17:19:33]: i didnt see a rabbit
stranger[17:19:48]:  i jst was pettin a keyboard 
stranger[17:31:01]: big and white with floppy ears
stranger[17:31:28]: like soft fleece 
stranger[17:32:27]: wow
stranger[17:33:16]: white
stranger[17:33:19]: small
stranger[17:33:22]: fluffy
stranger[17:33:39]: soft 
stranger[17:04:12]: Hes white with little ears and he cowers a little when I touch him
stranger[17:04:56]: Its super soft 
stranger[17:09:02]: A noes
stranger[17:09:41]: Its  feels like a rabbit
And one of my favorites
stranger[18:24:48]: holy shit
Hypnobot[18:24:53]:What does the rabbit look like?
stranger[18:24:57]: i think im high
stranger[18:25:03]: its fucking green nigga!
Hypnobot[18:25:04]:It's really soft and feels really good to touch.
Hypnobot[18:25:04]:Pet it =)
Hypnobot[18:25:11]:What's it feel like?
stranger[18:25:17]: cotton
stranger[18:25:22]: ow! it bit me
[...more stuff...]
Hypnobot[18:27:32]:What are you experiencing?
stranger[18:27:45]: well, the green bunny is still here..
Hypnobot[18:27:48]:Pretty cool huh?
stranger[18:27:56]: no its not fucking cool
stranger[18:27:58]: im high
stranger[18:28:03]: WHAT DID U DO TO ME
[counted him out of hypnosis]
stranger[18:29:26]: kk, leave it open, ima copy this and take it to school
stranger[18:29:44]: thx dude, i feel amazing

Occasionally I get some weird partial responses..

stranger[00:53:05]: i didn't see a rabbit.
Hypnobot[00:53:10]:What does the rabbit look like?
stranger[00:53:30]: White, furry.
Hypnobot[00:53:37]:It's really soft and feels really good to touch.
Hypnobot[00:53:38]:Pet it =)
Hypnobot[00:53:40]:What's it feel like?
stranger[00:53:59]: soft, like a feather 
stranger[11:13:59]: looks like a shadow of a rabbit and feels cold 
stranger[17:17:48]: i don't see it but i feel it
Hypnobot[17:17:50]:Hi =)
Hypnobot[17:17:53]:Feel free to use all the keys now
Hypnobot[17:17:58]:you feel it?
Hypnobot[17:18:01]:whats it feel like?
stranger[17:18:16]: yeah it feels like a gentle breeze
stranger[17:18:21]: its cold
stranger[17:18:30]: and there is nothing in my room to give me that feeling
stranger[17:19:05]: and rabbits don't make a lot of noise
stranger[17:19:11]: so i wouldn't here it
stranger[17:19:45]: but i don't see it
stranger[17:20:07]: and I don't see it
stranger[17:20:10]: *
stranger[17:20:23]: but for some reason my right arm is very heavy
stranger[17:20:30]: and i feel like i am high
stranger[17:20:32]: wtf
stranger[17:20:44]: i feel completely numb
stranger[17:21:00]: u thr?


  1. I think your hypnobot got to me on omegle. Had some pretty weird experiences dude. How does it all work?

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  2. I like that the first comment on your blog was a hypnobot user.

    Enjoyed reading, and I look forward to new experiments or data findings.