Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing Hypnobot!

I'm freakin' excited to announce that I have written a chat bot that hypnotizes people. Hypnobot signs on to and starts talking to random strangers and offering hypnosis/imagination games/whatever. As far as I know, its the first and only hypnotizing chat bot in existence. Muahahaha!

It is fed an interactive flow chart script, but currently most of the success comes from a linear path. So far I'm getting name amnesia on about 30% of those who make it past the pretalk, and hallucinations on over half of those that get name amnesia. Omegle users have zero investment and about the same attention span, so I think this is a quite decent start. There are relatively few disconnects that are preceded with confirmation that it isn't working.

There's a ton of reasons Hypnobot has potential to be awesome, and the first is Science! It can quantitatively answer questions that most hypnotists have to theorize and intuit about because they don't have access to enough solid data. Well, no more!

I can pit direct vs indirect, authoritative vs permissive, try different types of pretalks, more or less emphasis on embedded commands, etc. I let this thing just run for hours a day and get shit tons of data. It gets name amnesia on a new subject about once every 10 minutes with the current settings, and I'm sure that can be cranked up too. The pool of omegle users is huge, so my pool of potential subjects seems limitless right now.

If you have any script ideas to test, shoot 'em over. 

Much more to come :)


  1. I just experienced this Hypnobot thing. It's quite neat. o___o The numb hand thing definitely worked; I even thought about it moments before the bot mentioned it. Name amnesia and hallucination didn't really work, though, or at least not as well as I'd hoped.


  2. Same as vpf, I tried a couple of times before giving up. Trouble is I'm never grounded or in my body, my mind is always too active for this kind of thing.

    Good job though

  3. so how can I try hypnobot, besides clicking through random Omegle conversations until it comes up?